Spanish courses

We have a wide range of Spanish courses designed for the different needs and levels of all students, from A1 to C2.
All our courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference.

Intensive 20H

The Intensive Courses are an great opportunity to learn Spanish and practice what you have learned.
Classroom time is spent on the 4 skills (reading writing listening and speaking) and then a few hours a week are spent using what you have learned in a real world context by going out on the town. We might catch a show, an art exhibit, go out for a bite to eat or to get a coffee.  We think the best way to practice a language is by engaging with the culture.

One on one Classes

Offered to all levels.

At Solea Spanish School, YOU decide which aspects of Spanish culture or grammar you need to strengthen in the classroom.
Your needs determine the course of study.
The personalized attention you receive guarantees that classes are paced according to your needs.

DELE Courses

Our DELE preparation course will help you learn and assimilate the contents required at each level and explain the necessary techniques you will need to pass the exam.
The Instituto Cervantes Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) is an internationally recognized accreditation.

For groups

Group courses are closed and adapted to the needs of the group.  Get in touch with us so we can figure out what will work best.

Extensive courses

Extensive courses are aimed at Erasmus or Expat students. These courses are normally scheduled in the afternoon, as they are adapted for students who study at the university or work in Valencia.

Our courses are designed to strengthen your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The methodology used by the teachers at our school combines the task based approach with the communicative method.


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