Our activities are designed for our students to
learn a little more about Valencian culture. 
We try that in our activities, the students have 
the opportunity to interact with the environment and to practice
the Spanish language in more real situations.

Both the performing arts and gastronomy are two of the most important aspects of the culture of a city in any country in the world. That is why they are the activities that are most within our program.

solea spanish school breakfast
solea spanish school breakfast
solea spanish school horchata

Theatre Festivals

Twice a year, the houses and shops in both Ruzafa and our neighbourhood, El Cabañal, are transformed into small theatres for two weeks. They are called Ruzafa Escénica and Cabanyal Íntim, theatre festivals that we never miss. The activities of the Spanish school are cultural so that students can get to know the Valencian culture better and take home a nice memory of their stay.

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